Become a writer

Stardoll Nickname:
Experience: (blogs you've written for)
Medoll Looks: (3 outfits created by you)

We aren't exactly looking for skilled writers.
What we seek are Stardoll members with a great sense of style.

What should a writer post about?
This is partly a lookbook so we want writers to post styled outfits they have 'created' on Stardoll. We expect them to make creative 'photoshoots' rather than just one picture of the outfit. As well, here we give fashion tips (eg. color combinations, accessories etc.) and post about the latest trends on Stardoll (eg. a purse/scarf/headband/clothing item that everyone has been lately using etc.). We want our writers to be as creative as possible, having original ideas and of course being original themselves.

Post the application form in the comments section below.


  1. Name: Štěpán Klos
    Stardoll Nickname: zhanetta
    Medoll Looks:

  2. Name: Sydnei Raye
    Stardoll Nickname: DesignerSecrets
    Experience: (blogs you've written for) Stardollz Vogue, Gossip Stardoll, and my own, TSFB.
    Medoll Looks: (3 outfits created by you) (I used the jacket as my base item)

  3. Name: Michelle Umunna (I'm African American)
    Stardoll Nickname: ChocoMushroom
    Experience: Stardoll Fashion Daily, interned at Staroll Voice, and written for The Stardoll cheatbook, nothin major yet.
    Medoll Looks:

    Thank you for this opportunity,