Saturday, August 11, 2012

Style Commentary: Leather Pants/Masculine Details

Hat: Bizou Hotbuys Sonia Rykeil inspired hat
Coat: Itgirls
Shirt: Fil Theory Theirry Mugler inspired shirt
Belt: Tingeling
Pants: Itgirls
Bag: Decades Chanel inspired bag
Shoes: Christian Louboutin inspired heels from Itgirls

This is probably the last outfit I saved here before my account was deleted, but I hope to be getting it back very soon. It's inspired by an 80's street style photo of Madonna wearing an oversized leather jacket that went well below her knees and I've always found it to be super fabulous. Pants, I love them! I've been searching for real ones like that for a long time now, but I usually find the perfect item on down the line.

Balenciaga and Diane Von Furstenburg F/W 2012, where slouchy pants and a big coat where shown.

Fashion Commentary: Inspirations

(Vintage Fur, because I just love fur)
(Christian Louboutin Ipad Case, pefrect to be used a clutch!)
(Givenchy printed skirt, Chanel 2.55 Bag. Both items are so trendy!)
(Balmain jacket, studded purse. I'm really into details and crystals have always been my favorite accesories to put on clothes. I also love emroidery, gold, and Balmain!)

(Chanel? feathered jacket. If you've ere read my latest post on the Elite Blogger, I'm in loooove with things like this! And see those crystal accents, tres parfait!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello everyone! I would just like to introduce myself a little. My name is Jillian Rebekah, but you might see me on Stardoll as "kellyhi." I am a brand-new writer here and am so excited to begin sharing a little bit of my style with each and every one of you. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for future posts, please just drop a friendly message down below in the comments section, or send a message via dollmail.

Purses. Satchels. Bags. Clutches. Each remarkable on its own, but complementary when placed along side any outfit. When searching for purses on Stardoll, I always find myself drawn to the more charming "realistic" bags. But where do these purses get their inspiration? From celebrities to runway shows, most Stardoll bags are re-created to either be inspired by real life items, or to be replicas of them. The beloved Chanel First Season Tribute bags seem to be almost identical to the Real Life Chanel bags. One of my personal favorites is the "Classic Chain Strap Bag" which originally was priced at just 40 stardollars. Although the colors are just a tad bit off, (although it could be the lighting of which the real life purse was taken in) I find them remarkably similar looking and altogether beautiful in every way.

Another purse that has a Real Life version is the Young Hollywood shop which displayed different celebrity outfits. A purse that certainly caught my eye was the "Mary Kate Box Purse." Its creme color really looked fabulous both on Mary Kate Olsen, but also on many other medolls throughout Stardoll. Also costing 40 stardollars, this purse is quite unique. Personally I think that the graphics on the Stardoll version wasn't up to the same standard as the original bag was, but altogether it was a success and certainly a good purchase.

So what are your thoughts on these re-creations? A hit or a miss? Are there any Real Life bags that you would love to see appear in the Stardoll Plaza? Be sure to comment below!

Jillian Rebekah

Friday, August 3, 2012

Style Commentary: Furry Shirt and New Finds

Coats worn as shirt: Tingeling and Bizou
Skirt: Tingeling
Tights: Free offer
Shoes: Bizou
Bag: Moschino
Glasses: Riviera

There is a great sale going on in Starplaza right now. Both Tingeling and Riviera are having a 50% off sale, which means items that where originally 12-5 stardollars have now been reduced to crazy steal prices, such as a measly 3 or 4 stardollars. This applies to new releases and clothing that has already been in the shops for some time now. I picked up those fab sepia colored glasses in Riviera for 3 stardollars to add to my sunglasses collection, and they look wonderful with any outfit since they are in a neutral shade. I highly recommend neutral shades with both clothing and other pieces, they work really well!

I picked up these items to add to my wardrobe.I'm very into statement pieces that I feel will give my outfits a creative, sporty, or artistic edge. Facinators, Veils, Chunky Jewelry, Big earrings, and Clutches have been long time faves, so to find some of this seasons biggest trends on sale for so cheap I had to buy them all. The clutch on the far left reminds me heavilly of the printed Givenchy and Bottega Venetta clutches seen by chic out-about-towners who are captured by street style bloggers. I took heavy citations for my fur shirt also from these fashionable ladies, it's a great trend to take up!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Style Commentary: Boho Fur & Hermes Bag

Coat: Archive
Undercoat(s) : Mortal Kiss and Bizou
Gloves: Rio
Shirt: Itgirls
Skirt: Itgirls
Belt: Heidi Klum for Itgirls
Bag: Decades
Shoes: Chanel for Archive

My look lately has been both subersive and chic lately. I've been slowly shyng away from hyper edgy clothing this fall/winter and sticking to both basics and new items. I luckilly have been able to score some "rare" items in the starbaazar for relatively cheap and have utilized them into my everyday outfits, especially the Heidi Klum belt and Chanel kitten heels. This look in perticular came out very good and echoes the disquiet, with a chich but slightly protective outerwear combination, a fluid but tailored skirt, and a highly coveted designer bag. I also enjoyed wearing the fab cashmere sweater from Itgirls that can be worn and worked with just about any look you can imagine since it's in such an earthy shade.

(Images of Inspiration For Some of You Guys and Girls!)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Night

Lately I've been so much into this rock-glam style and I don't know why but it really looks gorgeous. So here is one of those outfits.

Tingeling Jacket
Frankie Morello Boots
Frankie Morello Suit
PPQ Belt
Killah Bracelt
Frankie Morello Shorts

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to FASHION

Hello everyone!

We're finally opening the blog and now I'll present you our writers.

These are our writers, including myself. Well, the header says pretty much all about the blog. It is a lookbook but we'll be as well posting fashion tips and trends.

This is a Stardoll based blog only and we don't post real life outfit. However, we compare the Dollywood trends with the real life ones.

If you want to become a writer or our media partner, contact me on Stardoll. Click here.
Don't forget to follow the blog to be up to date (;

~ Harley Quinn.