Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello everyone! I would just like to introduce myself a little. My name is Jillian Rebekah, but you might see me on Stardoll as "kellyhi." I am a brand-new writer here and am so excited to begin sharing a little bit of my style with each and every one of you. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for future posts, please just drop a friendly message down below in the comments section, or send a message via dollmail.

Purses. Satchels. Bags. Clutches. Each remarkable on its own, but complementary when placed along side any outfit. When searching for purses on Stardoll, I always find myself drawn to the more charming "realistic" bags. But where do these purses get their inspiration? From celebrities to runway shows, most Stardoll bags are re-created to either be inspired by real life items, or to be replicas of them. The beloved Chanel First Season Tribute bags seem to be almost identical to the Real Life Chanel bags. One of my personal favorites is the "Classic Chain Strap Bag" which originally was priced at just 40 stardollars. Although the colors are just a tad bit off, (although it could be the lighting of which the real life purse was taken in) I find them remarkably similar looking and altogether beautiful in every way.

Another purse that has a Real Life version is the Young Hollywood shop which displayed different celebrity outfits. A purse that certainly caught my eye was the "Mary Kate Box Purse." Its creme color really looked fabulous both on Mary Kate Olsen, but also on many other medolls throughout Stardoll. Also costing 40 stardollars, this purse is quite unique. Personally I think that the graphics on the Stardoll version wasn't up to the same standard as the original bag was, but altogether it was a success and certainly a good purchase.

So what are your thoughts on these re-creations? A hit or a miss? Are there any Real Life bags that you would love to see appear in the Stardoll Plaza? Be sure to comment below!

Jillian Rebekah

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