Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Style Commentary: Boho Fur & Hermes Bag

Coat: Archive
Undercoat(s) : Mortal Kiss and Bizou
Gloves: Rio
Shirt: Itgirls
Skirt: Itgirls
Belt: Heidi Klum for Itgirls
Bag: Decades
Shoes: Chanel for Archive

My look lately has been both subersive and chic lately. I've been slowly shyng away from hyper edgy clothing this fall/winter and sticking to both basics and new items. I luckilly have been able to score some "rare" items in the starbaazar for relatively cheap and have utilized them into my everyday outfits, especially the Heidi Klum belt and Chanel kitten heels. This look in perticular came out very good and echoes the disquiet, with a chich but slightly protective outerwear combination, a fluid but tailored skirt, and a highly coveted designer bag. I also enjoyed wearing the fab cashmere sweater from Itgirls that can be worn and worked with just about any look you can imagine since it's in such an earthy shade.

(Images of Inspiration For Some of You Guys and Girls!)